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In case you are looking for vinyl office furniture, you have come to the right place. B.I.L Office Furniture maintains the highest quality standards when it comes to the construction of office furniture. This, together with our unmatched reputation and credibility, is what has made us a market leader for decades. Apart from our sturdy, durable, and cost-effective vinyl furniture, we also boast of a dedicated and highly skilled after-sales team that offers the necessary support to our ever-growing and loyal clientele populace. We strive for excellence in all we do, and you can rest assured you will get the best customer service when you come looking for vinyl office furniture. Shop with us now!

About Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl is one of the most popular alternatives to leather and fabric. Essentially, it is a form of plastic resin made from ethylene and chlorine. The name vinyl comes from the full name of the manufactured product – polyvinylchloride (PVC). This upholstery is widely used to make office furniture because it is considered economical, durable, and safe. Additionally, ease of cleaning and its availability in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures influences its use in the office furniture niche.

Benefits | Office Furniture with Vinyl

Furniture made with vinyl present a myriad of benefits. With proper care and maintenance, furniture made with this material can last for many years. This is because vinyl is made with components that make it astoundingly strong, including ethylene, chlorine, and plasticizing agents in varied proportions. If you buy your furniture from a trusted dealer like B.I.L Office Furniture, it can last for 10-20 years since the quality of the material is guaranteed.

Another great thing about vinyl is that it is easy to clean. To remove dust, dirt, and stains, all you have to do is to wipe them away. It is a perfect material to keep sanitary even in high traffic areas within your business. Along with its durability, functionality, ease of maintenance, and beauty, vinyl furniture is relatively cheaper than pieces made with other materials such as leather.

Popular Applications of Vinyl Office Furniture

At B.I.L Office Furniture, our vinyl serves the needs of various industries, including:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Daycare Centers
  • Educational Buildings
  • Government Offices
  • Healthcare and Medical Offices
  • Legal Offices
  • Retail Companies
  • Small Business and Startup Offices
  • Non-Profit Offices
  • … and more!

Why You Should Choose B.I.L Office Furniture’s Vinyl Office Furniture

Vinyl office furniture that provides style, comfort, and stylishness at an affordable price can only be found at B.I.L Office Furniture. All our products are made by professional craftspeople with quality and the end-user in mind.  For many years, we have sold quality furniture to thousands of clients who have, in turn, said things about us that are more powerful than anything we could say for ourselves. This explains the unrivaled reputation that has made us a market leader for a long time. We are committed to protecting our track record, and this is why we offer the best vinyl office furniture along with guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about our vinyl office furniture, feel free to contact us today. You may also call one of our representatives at 718 417 0500 in NY or 201-651-0700 in NJ.