If your business in New York is looking to upgrade your office space, you’ve come to the right place. B.I.L. Office Furniture has the ideal selection of corporate furniture for office spaces in New York. We firmly believe that the right office environment can make all the difference in collaboration, productivity, and overall employee morale. Interiors can play a huge role in how employees perform day in and day out. Not only that, but the place you spend 8+ hours every single day should be one where both you and your employees feel comfortable and at ease. Give everyone in your office in NY the opportunity to thrive. It all starts with better office furniture in your workplace.

Corporate Furniture and Interior Design in New York

We provide a wide range of office interior services for our clients in and around New York. This includes space planning and interior design. Even the most vast, open-concept layouts can quickly become cluttered with improper planning. Don’t let this happen to your hard-earned real estate. Work with us and we’ll help you plan out the optimal layout for private offices, workstations, training and conference rooms, and even break rooms to improve your employees’ well-being.

An often-overlooked aspect of corporate interiors is the office flooring. This can have more impact than you might think. Areas that experience frequent foot traffic, for example, need flooring that will absorb sound and reduce echoing while still withstanding wear and tear. Our team can not only help advise on proper office flooring but we’ll also install it in your office in New York.

You can’t design a great office space in New York without the right window treatments. Windows provide the natural light employees need to boost their mood and productivity. Here at B.I.L., we offer a variety of window treatment options from curtains to drapes and even shutters for customized interiors.

B.I.L Office Furniture Has Been Serving Businesses in New York for Years

With over four decades of experience in the office furniture arena, we are proud to offer our services in the following places in New York. Wherever you are located in New York, we are happy to partner with you for the right corporate office furnishings.

●  Manhattan

●  Brooklyn

●  Queens

●  Staten Island

●  The Bronx

●  Mount Vernon

●  New Rochelle

●  Westchester

●  White Plains

●  Yonkers

Why Choose B.I.L Office Furniture?

B.I.L Office Furniture comes to business in New York with a wealth of experience across all types of industries, including healthcare, retail, corporate, and more. We offer premium office furniture for businesses of all sizes. Our products are strong, long-lasting, and well priced. Tell us your vision and we’ll help make it a reality. For more information about furnishing your office space in New York, we encourage you to reach out to us today!

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