Good office furniture is vital for a number of reasons. A well-designed office with an appealing and open layout makes a stellar first impression, impressing your current and future clients, partners, and prospective employees. Furniture that has been designed to be both functional and comfortable also boosts employee productivity. From encouraging more conducive working conditions to promoting productivity, carefully-curated pieces of furniture can make all the difference. Great office furniture also gives your company a chance to emphasize the visual culture of your workplace. Gone are the days where office furniture was merely functional and dull – today’s dynamic work culture should be reflected in workspace aesthetics. If you’re looking to upgrade your office today, here are five brilliant ideas for office furniture to inspire your next redesign. 

Multi-purpose Office Furniture

One popular idea for office furniture to consider is one piece of furniture that offers several potential uses. If you have a compact office space, you’ll want furniture that can play multiple roles while saving space. Another dimension of this is furniture that can easily be stored and set up. For instance, foldable desks should be a staple in any compact office that has a practice of hosting workshops or team strategy sessions. You can bring the desks out when the work situation calls for them, and store them away when they aren’t in use to save space. 

Play with Light

Abundant natural light can increase positivity among employees. If you’re renovating your office, you’ll want to play around with your window and coverage options to ensure as much natural light as possible. To complement this, you can also look for furniture that is either light-colored or colorful, and with organic shapes. All of these design elements highlight the sense of light in a room. This is a  idea for office furniture that will inspire productivity and boost the mood around the work space.  

Keep Your Employees Comfort in Mind

It’s no surprise that employees perform better at work when they feel valued and at ease. Springing for comfortable, ergonomic furniture can bring multiple benefits. Your employees will feel valued when they see that their health, comfort and well-being are prioritized. Productivity also tends to increase when employees feel comfortable. 

Combine Colors In Your Office

The color-scheme of the office also goes a long way in boosting employees’ moods. Imagine having to show up to a drab and dingy office each day – this is not a particularly inspiring scenario! Instead, play around with colors to give your work space a sense of personality. For instance, blue can promote a sense of calm and clarity, yellow can boost mood, and green encourages a sense of calm.

Open Layouts

An open layout is a crucial element of collaborative design. Today’s workspaces are different from the past, and work culture tends to emphasize a horizontal – rather than hierarchical – structure. This is something that is reflected in contemporary office designs as well. Brighter, lighter colors, organic forms, natural light and modular furniture all play a role in making an office look – and feel – more open and inviting. The right furniture, arranged in the right way, can go a long way into making your office a much brighter place to be, for yourself, your employees, and any visitors who you want to have a good first impression of your working space. 

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