You can find all types of desk office furniture these days, but which ones are the most popular? We take a look at some of the most in-demand modern office desks on the market, and discuss what you should consider when choosing the right desk for your office and employees. 

Writing Desks For Your Office Space 

These types of desks are typically smaller and meant for light usage. Often, they are made with a thin rectangular surface, with an open space below. They might have a small drawer beneath, but these desks are not typically meant for heavy work. 

Foldable Desks For Work

Need to move your furniture around frequently, or looking for pieces to furnish a temporary office space? A foldable desk is the ideal choice. They have surfaces that can be folded down easily and stored in a closet in a pinch. If you want some desks for your permanent office that you may not always need to use – perhaps for events or workshops – then you can consider purchasing some convenient foldable desks that you can bring out when the situation calls for them.

Executive Desks

This is the standard desk that you’ll find in a private office. These desks have roomy storage options and are large enough to allow employees to work on more complex tasks. They typically have large rectangular working spaces and come with a bevy of drawers and cabinets. 

Shell Desks

These desks are chic and practical. Simple and three-sided, they do not offer storage room, but instead offer plenty of open space beneath. If you need desks for temporary employees, or interns, who may only need to complete light tasks, a shell desk office furniture is a good option to consider.

Office Floating Desk

If you have a minimalist office layout, a floating desk is a great choice. They are typically installed directly onto the wall. Some can be folded down, while others are mounted permanently. However, it is wise to be cautious about what you place on their surface. Given that floating desks have no leg support, it’s not a good idea to balance heavy items on them for an extended period of time.

Secretary Desks

This classic design provides increased storage space, and is ideal for employees who must contend with copious amounts of paperwork. If your office has a more classic design, a secretary desk can also add to the vintage charm, particularly if they are cherry or mahogany-hued. Secretary desks are often not completely flat on the top and instead have a small hutch built into the back of the desk. Modern secretary desks often have features such as keyboard trays and cable management systems and provide space to work with a laptop and mouse as well. 

Computer Desk

Need a monitor, printer and computer tower all within easy reach? If your employees use classic desktops, this is the right type of desk office furniture for you. They also come with extra shelving or compartments for other electronic devices that you may need. These desks are roomy and provide all the necessary space you need when working with traditional computers.

Choosing the Best Desk Office Furniture

The perfect office desk can help improve productivity and keep workplaces organized, so it’s important to be selective in the type of desk you choose. If you’re looking for ways to promote collaborative design in the office, you’ll want to be precise about the furniture you choose. Pick from these seven most popular types of office desks and you’ll be good to go! 

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