The past couple of years have been challenging to say the least. A global shift from office work to working from home has dominated workplace culture, and many are struggling to adjust back to everyday life.

Luckily, the office doesn’t have to go back to how it was before the pandemic. In fact, office layouts are changing for the better. Read on for the five top trends in office layouts that will energize everyone to get back to work in the office.

1. Resimercial Design

If employees are missing working from home, why not bring the home to the office? Resimerical design is the next new style of workplace layout that will produce a casual feel and encourage high performance—featuring full length windows, oversized curtains with varying textures, natural light, indoor plants, and comfy upholstery. Think boho chic home meets contemporary city office. Or, in simpler terms, think of your second home.

Aside from these laid back and decorative features, the resimerical office layout helps form a collaboration culture. Small breakout rooms and various seating options play into the Millennial and Gen Z style of work: as long as you’ve got your laptop, you can work anywhere at any time.

2. Going Green At The Office

Occurring in the past couple of decades, what was once a radical perspective of environmentalism is now at the forefront of corporate culture. Sustainable offices are on trend and will stay that way for years to come. You’ll see offices incorporate aspects of sustainable living into communal spaces and private offices.

The aesthetics of a sustainable office layout contain plants and natural light, mimicking the outdoors. Office furniture in sustainable workplaces contains organic fabrics, recycled materials, and other eco friendly parts. And, of course, the break room will have the trifecta of trash: compost, recycling, and garbage bins.

3. Office Layouts with Built In Tech

How long does it take to set up a video conference meeting? What about how long it takes to reach behind your desktop computer for the six pronged outlets that are nearly impossible to find? These everyday annoyances are now being addressed in office layouts. But it’s less about fixing things that are frustrating and more about saving time.

This design highlights built in technology for higher productivity and ease. Expect to find numerous built in desk outlets, integrated conference lines, communal computers, tabletop touch screens and tablets, and more.

4. An Office Layout Designed For Flexibility

If working from home has taught us anything, it’s that breaking up the day can lead to happier employees and less stress. Trends in office design are appealing to the notion that everyone deserves a little break now and again. Offices are beginning to feature standing desks, giant floor pillows, yoga balls, coffee bars, snack bars, and much more. Instead of spending 30 minutes in the small break room and then heading back to your cubicle, employees can sit, stand, bounce, sip and relax as they get through the workday.

5. Wide Open Spaces

One office layout trend that is making its way to the frontlines of workspace design is the demolition of cubicles and the establishment of open and collaborative spaces. Expect to see an increased number of giant conference tables in open spaces instead of confined and private conference rooms. Working tables are for teams to meet, socialize, talk business, and have a cup of coffee. The literal act of tearing down walls is bringing coworkers closer together and generating happier employees.

So which office design suits your company culture goals? It’s time to embrace the newest office trends that shake up the way everyone thinks about work.

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