Have you been putting off plans to shop for new office furniture? For a lot of people, it’s simply not a priority. For others, they don’t know where to start. The furniture in your office plays a vital role in your company’s productivity and could make a difference in your team’s happiness. Not sure if it’s time for an upgrade? Here are five signs your NJ office furniture needs a revamp.

1. Wear and Tear on Office Furniture

One of the tell-tale signs that it is time to upgrade your NJ office furniture is when there are visible signs of wear and tear. The state of your furniture can significantly affect the look of your office and how it is viewed by your partners and employees, both current and prospective ones.

Although some things can be repaired, sometimes replacing them completely is for the better. If you can’t even remember when you last bought some of the furniture in your office space, chances are it’s time to look into purchasing some new pieces.

2. Office Furniture Hinders Productivity

Anything that affects your team’s productivity is a non-negotiable and needs to be changed. Your office furniture impacts your team’s performance more than you might think. Research has shown that employees subjected to uncomfortable environments will be less productive and have lower workplace satisfaction. Upgrading to the right furniture and having a conducive layout can go a long way towards optimal productivity. There are tons of ideas for how to use office furniture that could inspire you and your team. The first step is to equip your space with the right furniture.

3. Furniture Could Impact Employee Wellness

Times have changed, and so has the modern workplace environment. Gone are the days of accepting the old squeaky office chair as sufficient. Uncomfortable furniture in the office is a breeding ground for physical and mental discomfort. Don’t wait until your employees start to complain; instead, proactively outfit your space for workplace wellness. Consider ergonomic portable, adjustable, and flexible desks, chairs, tables, and more.

4. The Furniture Does Not Reflect the Company’s Image

Every company has an image they want to portray. The way you furnish your office could contribute to the overall look and feel of your space. From the reception desk to the break room, everything should be taken into consideration. Think about your company’s goals, your mission, and how you want to be seen. Then evaluate whether your NJ office space is properly conveying that and consider making changes if necessary.

Upgrade Your NJ Office Furniture Today

Take a look around the office now, and if you see any of these signs, it might be time to go shopping for new office furniture. Not sure how to get started? Follow this guide to buying office furniture or contact us at Total Office Interiors today. We’re ready to help you get the NJ office furniture you need for your ideal office space.

Looking to get started on creating or revamping your office space? We're ready when you are!